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Population Growth falsifies Evolution

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on January 8, 2009 by egoeimi3

You ever wonder how evolution explain population growth enlight of the religous based theory?  You should because they don’t explain it very well, and it falls under the fallcy credulity.  Let me give you a quote from creationist scientist on the issue and you can do this yourself, factoring in birth rates, death rates, war, famine, etc, which the evolutionist give such a sad answer if we were acutally around that long.  Heck Neaderthals falsify evolution on population growth alone.  If they were here a 100,000 years ago, and applying the the current growth rate and factoring in all those things, there should be in the neighborhood of 4,000,000,000 bones in the ground, but there has only been 300 found in the ground?  Wow, just ad hoc it away as the story go’s.

‘Evolutionists claim that mankind evolved from apes about a million years ago. If the population had grown at just 0.01% per year since then (doubling only every 7,000 years), there could be 1043 people today—that’s a number with 43 zeros after it. This number is so big that not even the Texans have a word for it!’ 

Try that on for size.  Even given a small growth rate applied to the claim of evolving from ape like creatures in that time frame, it doesn’t work.  But leave it to them, they will explain it away and here is a perfect example of that.

‘Those who adhere to the evolutionary story argue that disease, famine and war kept the numbers almost constant for most of this period, which means that mankind was on the brink of extinction for most of this supposed history.10 This stretches credulity to the limits.”    10 Even if the population were a million, the low reproductive rate would not be sufficient to eliminate harmful mutations. The mutational load alone would have ensured extinction. For details, see ReMine, W., The Biotic Message, St Paul Science, St Paul, Minnesota, 1993

So as you can see, with a little common sense and checking the numbers, it just doesn’t add up in the faith of Evolution.