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ERV’s Don’t Prove Evolution

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Presumably, the alleged prediction and fulfillment are:

  1. If universal common ancestry is true, then the same endogenous retrovirus (ERV) will exist in the same chromosomal location in two or more species.
  2. The same ERV exists in the same chromosomal location in two or more species.

This is what is assumed by evolutionist if you read Talkorgins as one of the 29th proofs for evolution.  This doesn’t prove evolution at all.  This would be yet another interpretation of what you see under a microscope when it comes to genetics.  You still need for example to actuallysee it take place as they claim.  What do we continue to see in captivity with all the animals we have in the world at zoos?  Dogs give birth to dogs, and not a freak show animal.  And evolutionist contend that they don’t claim animals give rise to a half dog half sheep (this is only an example b/c evolutionist tend to take what is said to an extreme).  Bottom line is if you ask them, the common ancestor between apes and humans what was the % of that animal?  Was it 50% human and 50% ape and gave birth to a human being that was 90% human and 10% ape?  Did it give birthtoo twins an ape and a human where the ape was 90% ape and 10% human and the human had 90% human and 10% ape?  Do you see where I”m going with this?  The question remains, how and what did the common ancestor look like?  What did it give birth to?  You can’t continue to say well it takes millions of years, well bottom line if there is a common ancestor btwapes and humans then that ape like creature or human like creature is giving birth and rise to a half ape/human like creature and no matter how much you talk about it, eventually you get us 100% human or are we according to evolutionist.


ERV’sprove nothing at all unless you can produce the common ancestor, how it gave rise or have the question answered that did it give birth to twin creatures a ape and a human like animal, or what.  You just can’t show us an evolutionary tree and show common ancestry unless you are willing to say that the common ancestor had to give birth to some pretty odd offspring that kept branching to you get humans, apes, whales, bats, whatever, there should be a fossil record full of strange transitional, but you see fossils that look like modern day creatures which is not consistent with what we see in evolutionary where there is suppose to be this common ancestry.  If  it takes millions of years of slow change then you should have that in the record but you have animals that look like what you can find on earth with argues against slow change.

Here is what is some of the scientific statements about ERV’s outside of my own thinking.


“Since this is the concept of “shared errors” applied to endogenous retroviruses (and since retroviruses are a type of transposon), much of the two preceding responses is applicable.  It is not a prediction of the hypothesis of universal common ancestry or the more specific hypothesis of Neo-Darwinism that the same ERVs will exist in the same chromosomal location in two or more species.  Evolution does not even predict the existence of ERVs, much less that they will be found at the same location in two or more species.  After all, evolutionary theory was considered robust prior to the discovery of ERVs.  This is but another example of taking an observation, claiming it as a prediction of evolution, and then using the fact the observation fits the prediction as evidence for the truth of evolution.”


“Moreover, ERVs are inadequate in principle to support Dr. Theobald’s claim of universal common ancestry, because they are not shared by all groups of organisms.  To quote Dr. Max once again, “Another limitation [of this argument] is that there are no examples of ‘shared errors’ that link mammals to other branches of the genealogic tree of life on earth. . . .  Therefore, the evolutionary relationships between distant branches on the evolutionary genealogic tree must rest on other evidence besides ‘shared errors.’”

You can find a scientific response to this ERV claim by Talkorgins here at:


The Coelacanth falsifies Evolution

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I know many evolutionist will not believe this for several reasons.  One is they are taught to believe something without critical thinking and are heavily indoctrinated.

Here is why I believe they are illogical about this great find back in the early 70’s.

The Coelacanth that was found looked virtually identical to what you see in the fossil record.  Go here to see what I’m talking about.

The problem I have with evolutionist calling the modern day Coelacanth a different species is this.  First off they don’t have a DNA sample to compare the genetic information in the earliest Coelacanth to make that claim.  It’s a fact things can have difference of appearance in areas but be identical in genetics.  Humans are a perfect example.  There are white, black, yellow, etc but the genetic comparison between all of us is identical but with different appearance in skin color, noses, eyes, etc and we are still human.  We are not looked at as different species of humans lol we are all human beings with differences in appearance.

With Coelacanth how can you call something that looks identical without genetic material to see that?  Or are the evolutionist going to call humans different species based on skin color, or nose size, or whatever?  That doesn’t make sense because we are genetically human.  You won’t find a human with 35 chromosomes (at least I don’t believe you will).  You will find those with downs “the presence of an extra copy of genetic material on the 21st chromosome,” is what the problem is with them but they are still human beings and I wouldn’t consider someone with this as a different species that to me would be flat out insulting to someone who is still as a Christian would say “Created in God’s Image” so they have worth and value and shouldn’t be aborted as so many do which is another subject in itself.

So getting back to this Coelacanth.  It can’t be consider a different species based on slight differences on the outside when we as humans are not.  Who makes that determination without genetic evidence?

It’s all ad hoc explanation.  Take this comment on wiki about the gap in the fossil record.

“the Cretaceous genus Macropoma, closely resemble the living species.[citation needed]The most likely reason for the gap is the taxon having become extinct in shallow waters. Deep-water fossils are only rarely lifted to levels where paleontologists can recover them, making most deep-water taxa disappear from the fossil record”

Notice they say “the most likey reason for the gap is the taxon having become extinct in shallow waters”  How #1 do they know this without ever being there?  Comparing to what happens to day could be very different millions of years ago if you logically think about it.  Then they said “Deep-water fossils are only rarely lifted to levels where paleontologists can recover them, making most deep-water taxa disappear from the fossilrecord”  Again logically I disagree because fossils clams are pushed to the top of mountains due to shifting of continents (different worldviews from evolutionist and creations by the way) who’s to say that Coelacanth fossils couldn’t have been pushed to the top like those?  And they are assuming without a foundation that when those fish died and there had to be millions like there are millions in oceans in fish today there should have been some fossils of those fish that could have been preserved as they love to say “could have”, yes it could have left in between fossils that they love to want people like me to not think it thru.

So in short I find it illogical to call something a different species when they are under the assumption that there was a different species in between deeper Coelacanth as opposed to those at the surface.  There simply could have been nothing in between we are not talking about mystery fish here that suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth, no they are still here


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People need to take notice about fossilization.  It’s a fact that this process doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s also a fact that you find animals today that look exactly like animals in the fossil record.  What are we to call this a coincidence?  I don’t think so because it’s a fact that this millions of years of evolution of bacteria to man theology never happened, but that all the animals existed at the same time is what I would argue opposed to the alternative view evolutionist want you to think. 

Living fossils is another one.  Notice that the term itself is very strange.  Why call something a living fossil when for years a person is taught things went extinct but when they find out that they were wrong (human error like the bible writers get) they simply explain it away.  Call it a different species but it still looks the same.  Yeah that really means something but not once do they have a DNA sample to actually prove it’s actually different?  Especially when there has been DNA found in fossils which DNA by the way can only last approx. 10,000 years and how is that for contradictory to the fossilization of fossils or the fossil record for that matter.  Take a look at what says on the issue of fossilization which people should check it out for alternative views and arguments presented against the only currently accepted view allowed in secular humanist science where the trump card is evolution and evolution only.  Thought that man can error like the bible writers get but the evolutionary scientist just can’t do no wrong LOL.

Creationwiki’s Take on the Issue:


Main Article: Fossilization

Today fossilization is an extremely rare event and is simply not expected to occur on a global scale. Decomposition is instead the rule following death, unless the matter is buried rapidly and to a depth that would prevent microbial digestion and oxidation. Hard shelled animals that burrow into sediment are somewhat expected to be found as fossils, along with large and heavy bones through random circumstances. However, every kind of animal alive today is found in the fossil record. Many of these are completely intact, and some specimens show literally no signs of decomposition. Other evidence such as polystrate fossils, or the fact that marine fossils are found throughout the geological column, points strongly to a flood-based interpretation of the fossil record. It should also be noted that many of the animals alive today are virtually identical to their fossilized ancestors, which argues strongly against their having been fossilized millions of years ago.

The Fossil Record Speaks

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It’s funny how so many neo Darwinian faith believers overlook this plane fact that even Gould recognized the problems with the record itself.  Many people who debate these issues really like to over look the fact that the record is interpretation.  It either formed like evolutionary geologist believe which they will interpret it to fit their theory that it has to form slowly over millions of years otherwise the theory will be falsified.  But if it formed rapidly like the Creationist believe then it proves that it was formed in the Flood of Noah and will be interpreted that way.  I would argue it formed in the flood as evidence of it being sedimentary rock which forms in water and animals being caught in a very catastrophic event. 

If the average person was just driving along the road and saw a great number of fossils on the side of a mountain they wouldn’t have the idea that the layers they see in the side of the mountain that they formed one at a time but would think that they all appeared there at the same time.  Why would one think that layers form one at a time where they see a great number of fossils?  It’s because they were indoctrinated from as young as 4years of age thru 18 years of age at least in my country.  If you hear this stuff over and over you will adopt that line of thinking and heck even  Hilter the greatest Jewish hater recognize that if you tell a lie long enough over a period of time people will believe it.  Evolutionary science is built upon that. 

Take a look at what Gould said about the fossil record:

“What does the fossil record suggest? Evolutionists such as Gould now agree with what creationists from Louis Agassiz to Duane Gish have said all along, that the fossil record includes two features particularly inconsistent with gradualism:

Stasis. Most species appear in the fossil record looking much the same as when they disappear; morphological change is limited and directionless.

Sudden appearance. In any area, a species does not arise gradually. It appears all at once and fully formed (Gould, ibid., 13–14).

Geisler, N. L. 1999. Baker encyclopedia of Christian apologetics. Baker reference library . Baker Books: Grand Rapids, Mich.”
It’s a fact this man notices what we notice that the record there is sudden appearance even for the bacteria found at the lowest level in the neo faith, they just are there.  The average person wouldn’t think hey they were the first thing living on earth then the next level up you have some very complex animals over them, and as you continue to go upward that this shows a progression of life evolving over time.  That is flat out non-sense, the average person would look at all those animals and say all of them existed at the same time because the first thought isn’t a layer at a time, but animals found buried in the ground, it’s the indoctrination of evolutionary scientist who oppose other alternative views that hurts their precious faith and their protection of it.