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Genetic Limits

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Genetic Limits
    “With the inability of mutations of any type to produce new genetic information, the maintenance of the basic plan is to be expected….
    There are limits to biological change and these limits are set by the structure and function of the genetic machinery.”

  L. P. Lester Ph.D. and R. G. Bohlin Ph.D,
“The Natural Limits of Biological Change”

Experimental Observations Only

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Experimental Observations Only
    “Some lame defenders of evolutionism claim that one needs a degree in biology to refute the origins of life by chance.
    All evolutionists need to do is demonstrate how life can naturally come from non-life. But only experimental observations please. Leave your imaginations and dreams at the door.”

  Patrick D. McGuire,
From an review of ‘Not by Chance: Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution’ by Lee M. Spetner
The Big Bang and Guano
    “On July 12, an abandoned ranger headquarters at Tahquamenon Falls State Park blew sky-high, sending debris a hundred feet into the atmosphere and alarming campers fourteen miles away.
    The explosion now has been traced to bat manure that for decades had been generating methane gas until in mid-July it became highly volatile and – kaboom!
    Scientists believe that a similar cataclysm 15 billion years ago gave us the beginnings of the universe, though even scientists cannot account for those early bats, and for those of a religious disposition a world created by bat dung is too depressing to contemplate.”
  ‘The American Spectator’,
Sept. 1993, pp. 8,9