TelcontarRulz’s loves Public Humiliation Tactics

Check out this comment.  Here is a debate tactic that I’m sure she is using.  Public Humiliation.  What does my spelling errors or grammar have to do with the arguments?  Nothing because the arguments can make valid points, not the spelling errors.  But evolutionist typically that I have run into rather throw out there red herrings more than anything.  Public Humiliation debate tactics is yet another one.


“In a sense that anticreationists cannot always prove evolution to a point that it completely does away with creation. Public humiliation is used. The group of anticreationists who do this are very well organized as they will humiliate anyone who dares challenge their beloved theory. Any creationist that steps out of the norm of not accepting evolution to some degree, and speaks out against it. Will get this humiliation via the web.

Kent Hovind. The most hated creationist by every anticreationist. Here are the examples of websites participating in public humiliation of Kent Hovind. In fact, Kent Hovind has had so much public humiliation by anticreationists that Google has broken up sections of the search (at bottom of search page) if you type in his name. This is an example of how science works if you dare challenge the theory of evolution. Does tax evasion have anything to do with the theory of evolution? You would think it does the way the evolutionist go on and on about what Hovind did. “


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