TelcontarRulz’s Free Thinking Attack

Here is another classic debate tactic that I have encountered by Tel.  Again, perhaps she is entertaining herself and her friends.  Again this comment was taken the same site I got information on the spelling error tactic.   Enjoy and pay attention, look for these attacks against yourself if you are a Christian who really is practicing the faith.

“Anticreationists like to think that all Christians are brain washed, that no one in their right mind would ever make such a decision to believe in God’s word. So they label themselves as being rational, and all Christians as irrational. They label themselves as free thinkers, and Christians are labelled as people who cannot think for themselves, and therefore need a myth to follow. Whenever an anticreationist says; “I’m just trying to make people think”, or implies in any way, shape or form that Christians cannot think for themselves, they are showing their true colors about their commitment to what they believe and their hostility to anyone who disagrees with them. ”

Example of things they like to say:

  1. Religion is hazardous to your health.
  2. Fundies are idiots.
  3. Christians know nothing about persecution.
  4. Only the stupid are sure of God.
  5. Fundamentalism stops a thinking mind.
  6. All Christians are narrow minded.
  7. How long till Evolution “eliminates” the Christian right.
  8. It’s mental slavery to be Christian.

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