TelcontarRulz’s Debate Tactics (spelling attacks)

The below comment taken from one of my favorite cites shows one of the tactics this person loves to do.  Rather than talk about the issues 100% throw in there this tactic for entertainment purposes perhaps.  Perhaps because she has failed in trying to force me to believe in magical bacteria to man faith she likes to do this.

“Bad spelling/grammar
This is another often used anticreationist tactic. If the evolution vs creation debate is not going very well, they will start looking for other ways to publically humiliate the creationist they are debating on what ever forum or blog the debate is taking place on. The anticreationist will quote the creationist and use “sic” next to anything that is misspelled, or where they believe the grammar is bad. It is their attempt to gain control of a debate they are losing by distracting their debate opponent. “


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