TelcontarRulz Fails to Acknowledge

Many of you who are very good friends with TelcontarRulz really don’t pay attention to the hypocrisy. 

First let me say this before I point out in I believe it was #14 response by her, she continues to be critical of my spelling and grammer, but she herself has fallen and fails to admit beyond her pride that she has sinned and is a sinner like myself who admits that I make mistakes but I won’t be hypocritical to judge someones writing if I’m myself am not perfect as she pretends to be.  Which according to the bible which I believe all of you seem to ignore it warns against judging someones fault critically if the person is doing the same thing.  In order to judge correctly and rebuke someone you have to have a handle on the same issue you are trying to correct someone on.


So without delay here is a couple things she said that shows she continues to make mistakes while being hypocritical in ad hom attacks against me.  What she should do is acknowledge she is just as much a sinner like myself and stop being a hypocrit when it comes to spelling in grammer.


TelcontarRulz made a mistake here:  Oh, you won’t catching me pasting anything in such huge amounts. 

Now last I heard from spelling checking, this phrase is improper grammer based on where the comma is and also “won’t catching me” now how is that for a grammer error?

TelcontarRulz said this:Lol Is this your favourite word, by the way?

Spell check again corrected the fact that she capatilized the word (is) was improper.

TelcontarRutz said: Figures. It’s got three letters and two of them are repeated. Seems like it’s the only type of word you can spell correctly.

Spell checked noted that this was a Fragment.  It would have been better stated like this.  (It figures, he’s got three letters and two of them are repeated.)  Now when I spelled checked the way I wrote it, it was not a fragment.

TelcontarRulz said: Of course not; the Romans had not invented electrocution yet.

Spell checked called this (negation use) cosider revising.  Again improper grammer.

TelcontarRulz said: . Abu Ghraib. The ‘terrorists’ in Palestine who are fighting for their brethren.

Spell checked called this a fragment.  (Abu Ghraib with no context around it is improper)  And I’m letting spell check find the errors, i’m not an english major I hated english, but someone who prides herself on criticizing me should be perfect based on the attitude at hand in my opinion.

TelcontarRulz said: The ‘terrorists’ who are fighting U.S. convoys in Iraq.

Another fragment.

TelcontarRulz said:

In his own twisted way, Osama bin Laden and his ilk are martyrs.

Spell checked called this sentence (reflexive pronoun use) whatever that means, but yet still improper grammer.


So in conclusion, I don’t expect anything to change, I expect that this will be explained away.  The reason I even went thru the material was because she said prove it with evidence basically.  It doesn’t matter to me how she writes as long as I can make out what is said, I don’t care about someone being mistake free when it comes to writing because there are more things to get upset about.  This is very petty to fight about.  This isn’t my style to worry about someone’s spelling, but what I have found out is critics love doing it.


4 Responses to “TelcontarRulz Fails to Acknowledge”

  1. telcontarrulz Says:

    Hmm, you know, typos are one thing. Stupidity (like yours) is another. Microsoft Word’s spellcheck once recommended that I replace ‘I am’ with ‘I is’. Please go ask an English teacher for advice. You need one.

    By the way, it’s ‘grammar’, not ‘grammer’.

  2. LOL.. There is a red herring.

    “Figures. It’s got three letters and two of them are repeated. Seems like it’s the only type of word you can spell correctly.”

    Yeah, that’s a proper sentence. You know your pride is very plane.

    And you were shown in the past to have spelled wrong but then you want to come and try to correct me. Sorry, but you can’t correct me because you simply have not taken the plank out of your own eye as Jesus said first needs to happen.

    But like you will listen. I’m going to give you a little more time before I start to ignore the child in you because that is what you are acting like each time you try to point fingers about errors shows you are more interested in your superior attitude and shows you can’t focus on proper topics and are too busy with ad hom attacks.

    So grow up, or be ignored because I have better things to do then allow childish comments on my blog space. I have given you chances to acknowledge that you are not perfect but you continue to present yourself as if you have not made any errors then you want to continue to act childlike and ad hom.

    No more comments will be allowed on my blog space if you are only interested in entertaining yourself and your friends. Place them on your own blog where people like yourself want that entertainment.

  3. Hmm. It’s the scale of the errors, egoeimi. Yours are of a greater magnitude than hers, you must admit. And don’t come with that ‘plank versus dust mote’ argument–you’ve a larger plank to fix in the spelling department compared to Telcontar Rulz. My old English teacher would scream when faced with one of your posts. And MS Word doesn’t and in fact plainly CAN’T tell the difference between errors made for stylistic reasons and errors made out of true ignorance. With you I wonder if there is any difference.

    When you interject your own comments into someone’s text, you don’t change the original sentence in any form unless you have to, by convention. And of course that sentence wasn’t proper–she’s writing the way she speaks. People don’t always use perfect grammar in speech now do they? You’d be a prime example, I reckon.

  4. Arrianne G

    #1 who mage you judge one what is a greater magnitude of error?

    I could careless about the spelling attacks, because it’s so stupid to have a focus on someone spelling. This isn’t grade school so I could careless. And of course you take her side, it’s after all your girlfriend, but real friends will put friends in check when they have messed up being a hypocrite. So to say I have did it more and her less isn’t the issue, the issue is she is a flat out hypocrite in this area and I will not pay attention to her spelling attacks when she is a hypocrite that you are talking sides with.

    And MS Word LOL it’s funny that you dont mind that a person can be intellectually dishonest as Tel. She wrote a post talking about the problems of MS Word but then turns around and uses it to check my work and makes a note about all the red in it, that is dishonest and you can’t see it.

    Well extend the same thing to me, I write how I speak even though I miss spell a word I still type how I speak.

    But keep sticking up for your friend by extending to her excuses but not to others.

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