Responding to TelcontarRultz’s Terror Excuse

TelcontarRulz Said:

All right, at airports, Muslims are being selected for random security checks. Their TVs are dismantled and quarantined because people think there are bombs in them. People call them names like ‘towelheads’ and draw insulting cartoons of their prophet. Westerners take their land and don’t give a damn if they live in poverty in refugee camps. Abu Ghraib. The ‘terrorists’ in Palestine who are fighting for their brethren. The ‘terrorists’ who are fighting U.S. convoys in Iraq. In his own twisted way, Osama bin Laden and his ilk are martyrs. Misguided, yes, but they believe they are working/dying for a just cause. You know, if he hadn’t decided to take this path, Osama would have been very rich and living in luxury. Now, he’s hiding somewhere in a cave, probably falling ill, and with very little except a position as a figurehead for the Mujahideen and inspiring them to be martyrs for Islam.

My reply:

Random Secuirty checks is ok if it prevents lose of life.  An interview done by Bob Dudtko on www.wmuz.comwith a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity had no problem with it as a Arab American.  And other Arab American’s shouldn’t have a problem with it if it’s their racial group doing it.  If my race was doing it, what’s a few mins to protect lives.

The insulting cartoon, not it was offensive is the proper term.  They were offended based on their views of Mohammad, and the cartoon wasn’t offensive at all, but they don’t take kindly to cartoon drawings of their prophet.  But I bet you don’t have a clue or you ignored that I mentioned the mocking Christians go thru.  Email Bob Dudtko on he did a piece on that where there is museums dedicated to mocking Christians on a greater level then what you are talking about.  And email isn’t expensive so no excuses to get better facts.

Palestians don’t care about taking land from the Jews and the President of Iran wants to wipe the Jews of the face of the earth due to their hatered of the Jews, ok so ignore that and Westerners are not doing that so be specific. 

The palestinians are not fighting for Abu Ghraib war prisoniers specifically but fighting the Infidel as the Quran calls Jews and Christians.  It’s way bigger than that so don’t kid yourself.

Osama isn’t a martyrs nor are the terroist because they are dying for a ideology that say killing the Infidels gains more woman in Heaven when they die, that isn’t like Steven in Acts being stoned for his faith in Jesus, or the other Apostles.

Osama wouldn’t be living rich in my opinion he would have been planning more attacks against Jews and the West.

And your comment that  the Romans had not invented electrocution what is electrocution, who said they invented that?  No the Apostles were dying thru Cruxicfixion get it straight and that’s a fact supported by science that the Romans had that sytle of murdering someone.


13 Responses to “Responding to TelcontarRultz’s Terror Excuse”

  1. telcontarrulz Says:

    I will reply in about a week’s time, because I have to do my research using scholarly articles instead of just random websites of debatable reliability. The reply will be in essay format. I’ll just say that your comment about Palestines shows a severe lack of understanding of Islam, Palestinian nationalism, politics and history.

    As for the comment about Romans had not invented electrocution yet, read the comment in context; it was in reply to your comment that the Muslims were never tortured as the apostles were. My meaning is that of course modern day Muslims weren’t tortured the way the apostles were; Muslim prisoners in camps like Abu Ghraib are tortured with electric shocks. The early Christians were crucified or tarred and burned or thrown to the lions because the Romans had not invented electrocution yet. Do me a favour and learn to distinguish between sarcasm and serious scholarly arguments.

    By the way, the name is Telcontar Rulz. There is no ‘t’ before the ‘z’.

  2. telcontarrulz Says:

    Another thing: You tell me to read bits of the Bible and certain books. Well, I’m telling you to watch two movies; Kingdom of Heaven–Director’s Cut (directed by Sir Ridley Scott), and Munich (directed by Steven Spielberg). Watch and learn from these stories.

  3. The Muslims in Abu Ghraib are not being persecuted for being Muslims. Second, I’m unaware that they were being tourture to that degree by American Soliders so I would like the link or new article that should be done on such an act by US Soldiers.

    And I’m not mistaken about their history. They are not persecuted in the same context as Christians.

    The Apostles and the History of those that have been killed in the faith was because they were followers of Jesus.

    Muslims on the other hand it’s not because of following Allah, so I don’t agree with you. Being persecuted by Jews that Mohammad experienced was rejection of what he was teaching but Mohammad wasn’t killed.

    So let’s get the context straight. Muslims are not dying for being Muslims, the ones dying by killing themselves in Jihad War isn’t persecution, and the US soliders if there is any truth to what you are saying is to get information out of them, but I don’t agree with that if they were doing so, but that isn’t because they follow Allah or Mohammad.

  4. Are we talking about crucifixion? The Romans did practice Crucifixion and I posted archeological evidence for that below taken from a solid source, sorry, but you are wrong if you think that Romans didn’t practice this yet. And secondly the account given of Jesus death was eyewitness account but I don’t expect you to notice that Jesus was flogged by the Romans and Crucified by them also. Wow, and you want to insult me. If this is all you are all about, don’t bother the insults just show how childish you are being.

    “Yohanan—A Crucifixion Victim. In 1968, an ancient burial site was uncovered in Jerusalem containing about thirty-five bodies. It was determined that most of these had suffered violent deaths in the Jewish uprising against Rome in a.d. 70. One of these was a man named Yohanan Ben Ha’galgol. He was about twenty-four to twenty-eight years old, had a cleft palate, and a seven-inch nail was still driven through both his feet. The feet had been turned outward so that the square nail could be hammered through at the heel, just inside the Achilles tendon. This would have bowed the legs outward as well so that they could not have been used for support on the cross. The nail had gone through a wedge of acacia wood, then through the heels, then into an olive wood beam. There was also evidence that similar spikes had been put between the two bones of each lower arm. These had caused the upper bones to be worn smooth as the victim repeatedly raised and lowered himself to breathe (breathing is restricted with the arms raised). Crucifixion victims had to lift themselves to free the chest muscles and, when they grew too weak to do so, died by suffocation.
    Yohanan’s legs were crushed by a blow, consistent with the common use of the Roman crucifragium (John 19:31–32). Each of these details confirms the New Testament description of crucifixion.”

  5. And if you didn’t catch that, the victom had evidence of a blow to the legs which the account was the same in the biblical text written years before the archeological evidence was ever found. Very consitent with the eyewitnessed accounts of the men on each side of Jesus receieved, but Jesus’ legs were not broken which was prophecied about.

    Your lack of biblical knowledge and archeological knowledge once again is showing thru.

    And I didn’t insult you by putting you down, because I refuse to return evil for evil or do tit-for-tate. It’s way to un-Christlike to do.

  6. telcontarrulz Says:

    What part of ‘sarcasm’ do you not get? The comment about Romans and electrocution was sarcasm; I said so before.

    By the way:

  7. Jeesh where have you been? Prisoners were being waterboarded and humiliated with human faeces at Guantanamo and thier holy Book desecrated. It was all over the news about a year or so ago. You stop your newspaper subscription because it made you uncomfortable or what?

    By the way, it’s Stephen not Steven. Get it right, since you’re so fond of saying that to others.

  8. First off let me give you a link. (

    Second link I’ll give is this (

    What you two don’t understand is persecution for being a Christian is because of Jesus. I wonder if you two only read the parts of the bible just to argue about evolution mostly because of matters of faith your horrible at it.

    Jesus said people will hate Christians for what they stand for and if you are not hated for standing for what is reveal in Scrpiture then you are not holding to the faith but watering it down saying Genesis isn’t real, to have evolution supercede what was revealled and including Jesus mention of Adam and Eve and Noah and the Flood LOL.

    What the Muslims experience wasn’t due to because they were following Mohammad LOL they were treated like that because of the US Soliders actions were not correct and I’m sure alot of those Soldiers were doing that because they saw many of their friends killed in this war with Iraq and Afgan. is the motivating factor not because they are following Mohammad LOL.

    Lets get the context right, there is a difference in being persecuted for following someone or bringing it on yourself for the actions of your terroist group or your own actions. We are talking about Christians dying for following Jesus and the message behind Christians that really practice the faith that Jesus came to seek and save the lost (sinners) who don’t repent will go to hell. People don’t like that message that Jesus is the only way to heaven.. so don’t mix persecution for being a Christian with persecution for your actions.

  9. And if you try to say Muslims are being persecuted because they have the same message well I would argue that Mohammad isn’t sent by the Creator and also he was rejected as being sent by God based on the rules for recognition of what a Prophet is based on the Jews and the laws given to the Jews by Moses so there is no confusion.

    And the Jews and Christians believe and have faith in the same Creator, but there are Jews that are still waiting on the Messiah and there are Messianic Jews who have accepted Jesus as that Messiah.

    So no one tries to go there. And read the links at least I have to agree that wiki someone what gets specific to some degree on different persecution which is the issue. The other groups are experiencing it for different reasons, not for following a person althought there are some people out there that will do that because they hate religion period. And by the way Chrsitianity is about a relationship not religion which is a big difference.

  10. LOL Tel, you were shown to be wrong about the Romans then you want to turn the table and say I’m not understanding something LOL. Ok whatever!

  11. ArianneG,

    I’m so fond of correcting people on spelling.. Really yeah, it shows how friends stick together. You have no problems of saying I’m doing something which I would bet you would have a hard time finding where I have did that on a regular bases as your girlfriend has.

    I will come to a point to where I will ignore evolutionary debate tactics and personal ad hom attacks because I don’t continue with Childs play and childish behavior.

    It’s flat out dishonest when you accuse someone of doing something but then ignore someone who is doing it practically every blog where you can’t even find that pattern with me and I’m publicly challenging you to prove I do it practically all the time and where specifically did I correct someone’s spelling in the tone your happy go lucky friend is doing?

    If you are going to point fingers then check your girlfriend who is the hypocrite here. I practice quoting 1 John 1:9 and recognize my faults it’s your friend that doesn’t and obviously you don’t and you are bringing that same lack of critical thinking to the issue of spelling.

    Continue to live by the way of thinking in evolution to this very moot issue. Turn it into a spelling ad hom attacks rather than focusing on the issues of the myth of neo Darwinian faith of bacteria magically turning into very complex trilobites LOL

  12. Heh, I say that they didn’t magically turn into trilobytes overnight–I say they had millions of years to do that, which you do not accept anyway. And seriously, your spelling really is that ridiculously bad most of the time, though I grant it’s improved. Somewhat.

    On the Christian faith–I’ll leave that to Tel and you to duke it out. Though having read the Bible cover to cover I’m very much a lapsed Christian who’s soul searching on the agnostic fence at the moment to decide which side to come down on, and must thus recuse myself from arguing too much on faith issues, as I consider that I have no proper standing to debate that issue save as an interested bystander.

    By the way–there are Muslims being persecuted for things they didn’t do, but because they got all tarred with the same brush as the black sheep of their religion. Sound familiar? We’re all brothers and sisters under the skin and different iterations of faith.

  13. First off, let me address yet again the spelling which is ridiculous that something so minor and the red herring that it is completely stupid. People got more time to talk about someone’s spelling rather then keeping it centered on the issue. And I’m well aware that all people make mistakes but guess what this isn’t a sin so you know, so stop pressing the issue. If I was lets say I was in the habit of stealing then I could see the point, but get over it. You make mistakes, Tel makes mistakes and I have caught her in it. And it doesn’t matter but you guys love to beat a dead horse on something so minor. I have been debating with an evolutionist on my youtube front page and he has been misspelling creation for the past 2 weeks maybe 3, and I’m not going to entertain jumping all over him over something so stupid, I know what he is trying to spell, but that is what mercy and keeping the issues that people here need to learn.

    Like the bible says : 1 Corinthians 13:5
    It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

    Yeah, Scripture may not be important to you, but Love keeps no record of wrongs and I haven’t even wronged you, but the principle is the same.

    Now to address your issue. The time issue is a philosophical argument it has nothing to do with science. I don’t care if you have millions number one that is argued against you are indoctrinated from a young age to believe it so it’s engrained in your brain. And like I will continue to say, bacteria changing to trilobites no it didn’t happen that is an assumption.

    You don’t have DNA evidence to compare bacteria DNA to trilobites like evolutionist do with humans and apes now do you? And secondly the genetic arguments are evolutionary worldview of common ancestry; to creationist it’s a common designer interpretation. And lastly you did not see this happen you were taught that it happened, this is not based on direct observation, and you can’t retest this. Evolution (macro) is a philosophical argument not science. It’s equal to creation science where we are talking about origins which can’t be tested for but it can be philosophically argued about. That is what you people can’t understand.

    And Muslims being persecuted again is a different context of persecution which I made that clear. The example Tel gives about what US soldiers did isn’t the same their buddies were killed in war so I’m sure that motivation was anger. But what Jesus said about His followers is because of Him, that is what a real Christian is hated for. Preaching the same thing Jesus preached brings hate not this twisting of Christian theology like Tel demonstrates to water down the bible that’s easy believeism not what Jesus preached you either reject or accept and she would do well to know that in hell there will be gnashing of teeth which is an idiom for people will be angry even in hell as what I have studied.

    And hope you do have a change of heart that is more important to me, but these issues I like to talk about because people really are indoctrinated over time to believe it like Christians are accused of, nothing more.

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