Genesis contradicts Theistic Evolution

If you ever debate and theistic evolutionist there needs to be one thing set straight.  It’s impossible, very impossible.  You can’t mix the two.  Here are some facts about Genesis which contradicts the Bible.


See this Link and see the contradiction between Biblcal Order in Creation vs the Order of events in Theistic Evolution which is actually the same view as the order of events in Evolution:

If you look at the order of events, evolution says one thing and the bible says another.  The theistic evolutionist has to reword the bible or say it’s not a real even because 7 literal days is impossible.  Well how is it impossible if Supernatural ism exist?  If something greater than us can violate the very laws that were Created who says it can’t happen?  The unbeliever who denies supernatural ism of course.  So the two just can’t be reconciled. 



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