Genetic Potential Increases (article)

Genetic Potential Increases  02/22/2001
New findings provide further evidence that the old “one gene – one enzyme” paradigm is incorrect.  Researchers at
Johns Hopkins have found that two genes in combination can make multiple proteins through a process called trans-splicing.  Apparently messenger RNA can simultaneously read both halves of a DNA molecule in opposite directions and splice them together.  This increases the protein-generating potential of the human genome, which was announced earlier this week to have fewer genes (around 30,000) than expected.

This means the DNA stores vastly more information than could be stored on one strand, the other being just a template.  It is just one of many marvels sure to come out of our ongoing investigation of the genetic code.  The whole story of transcription by messenger RNA to transfer RNA to protein, accompanied by a host of specialized enzymes, is dazzlingly complex and exquisite in its precision and speed.  How do these little blind molecules know how to do these things?  Truly amazing.
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