Eugenics Victims (article)

No Apology Offered to Eugenics Victims  02/16/2001
There have been no apologies offered to tens of thousands of Americans forcibly sterilized under eugenics programs between 1924 and 1979, including “mental defective” Raymond W. Hudlow who later was honored as a war hero, according to a story in the
Nando Times.  “Although eugenics eventually was discredited as political and social prejudice rather than scientific fact, neither Virginia nor any of the 29 other states that conducted eugenical sterilizations has ever compensated or apologized to the more than 60,000 victims.”

If this sounds like a Kafka horror story, remember two things: (1) it is recent history, and (2) the new eugenics is coming.  With the genetic revolution upon us, and new techniques for identifying “defectives,” there will be pressures brought to bear on not allowing them to breed and corrupt the human gene pool.  It all starts, of course, with noble intentions of alleviating the suffering of those afflicted, but just beyond is the prospect of not allowing defectives to be born in the first place.  Do you want your human rights determined by a scientific elite, or by bureaucrats tasked with implementing their policies?  Will we learn from history that unbridled Social Darwinism is a stepping stone to another holocaust?
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One Response to “Eugenics Victims (article)”

  1. I most definetly agree, it is another stepping stone to a holocaust. Aboritions happening at an alarming rate. We already are experiencing it!

    Sad that this junk causes a person to devalue life. Thank God that not everyone is affected by this garbage of evolution. There are some non-believers that are not hindered by this non-sense, but to many are including Bible Christians in some cases not stepping up to the plate and denoucing this faith of evolution.

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